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Can I Get Invisalign Instead of Braces?

  • By Dona Prince
  • 30 October, 2016

Invisalign holds a lot of appeal for people who want straighter teeth minus the metallic look of traditional braces. It’s a great orthodontic substitute for many adults and teens. But it’s not guaranteed to be the answer for you.

What Invisalign Does

Invisalign’s system of clear removable trays makes it the first choice of many orthodontic patients. Who wouldn’t like the convenience of removing your appliance so that you can eat and brush your teeth with freedom?

Not to mention freedom from the embarrassment of wearing metal braces!

Invisalign can be very effective for a variety of problems. But because they aren’t fixed to the teeth, they can only correct problems up to a certain extent.

Make Invisalign Enhance What Braces Achieve

Have you had braces before? It’s easy to let your teeth slide back into poor alignment after orthodontic treatment if you aren’t careful about wearing your retainer.

In this case, Invisalign is usually the ideal choice for repairing the damage done. Braces did the bulk of the work while Invisalign tidies up after a couple years of neglect.

Do You Qualify for Invisalign?

Patients who qualify for Invisalign typically:

  • Have mild to moderate (not severe) orthodontic problems
  • Want to make cosmetic adjustments to their smile
  • Are responsible to wear their trays as directed
  • Maintain a diligent routine of good oral hygiene
  • Keep their dental appointments
  • Are very busy people who want to maintain a braces-free image

Do any of those descriptors fit your situation?

To find out for sure if Invisalign is a better option than braces for you, schedule a consultation at Dona W. Prince, DDS in Sioux City.

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