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Dental Emergencies

  • By Dona Prince
  • 3 October, 2016

Dental emergencies are like all other emergencies in that they take you by surprise. They are also stressful, traumatic, and scary for people of all ages. Understanding exactly what constitutes as a dental emergency and what to do should one arise is the best first step in handling dental emergencies.

A knocked out tooth is the most obvious, and most feared, dental emergency. A knocked out tooth occurs when a tooth has been knocked completely out of its socket, or if it has been knocked loose from its socket. Because the teeth are attached by their roots to a constant blood supply, a tooth that is knocked out of or loose from its socket will immediately be separated from its lifeline. It is imperative that you seek immediate attention from your dentist in order for the best chance of full restoration. If at all possible, place your tooth back into its socket in order to help it reconnect itself with its roots. However, if this is not possible (do not force it!), keep the tooth moist in a small amount of water or your saliva and bring it right away to your dentist. It is not always possible to save a tooth that has been knocked out, but with rapid intervention there is a much greater chance for success.

Of course, there are other dental issues that are also considered to be dental emergencies. In fact, it is these that tend to get more people in trouble because of the fact that they do not address them as emergencies.

• A cracked or broken tooth
• A damaged dental bridge or crown
• A lost filling
• An infection or abscess around a tooth
• An injured jaw
• Dental bleeding
• Knocked out tooth
• Swelling inside the mouth
• Tooth pain
• Tooth sensitivity

While these dental emergencies may not require the rapid intervention of a knocked out tooth, it is imperative that you seek your dentist’s attention as quickly as possible. It is also important to understand that these issues will not resolve on their own, so ignoring them will not help you in any way.

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