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Importance of a Good Dental Routine

  • By Dona Prince
  • 30 June, 2017

People often think of implementing a routine when they have lofty goals in mind. However, a routine can be put into practice to accomplish any type of goal. For people who wish to lose weight, they create and implement a healthy diet and an exercise routine. For those who wish to get out of debt, they create a spending budget and stick to it. An area that is often overlooked for implementing a good routine is oral health. Despite a popular misconception, a healthy smile does not just happen. You have to take time and make the effort for your teeth to last a lifetime. The importance of a good dental routine is that it makes your oral health a priority, and the beauty of a good dental routine is that it does not require much time from your daily schedule.

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Taking just six minutes of each day to concentrate on your oral health is a simple way to help ensure that your teeth stay healthy and in place. Perhaps the most difficult minute of your dental routine is the minute that should be devoted to flossing. For whatever reason, flossing is the most neglected aspect of a dental routine. However, what you need to understand is that flossing is the most important aspect of your at-home dental routine. Dental floss is the only tool designed to reach and clean the tight spaces between the teeth. Bacteria-laden plaque congregate in these spaces, so if you are not flossing you are leaving these areas continually covered in plaque and assaulted by dangerous bacteria.

Brushing your teeth is very important, as well as how you care for your toothbrush. Brushing helps to loosen and remove plaque from the surfaces of the teeth, while also freshening your breath. Using a fluoride tooth paste will help protect the teeth against cavities and decay. Once you have brushed your teeth, it is imperative that you take the time to rinse your toothbrush well under fast, running water. Bacteria will become trapped in the bristles, so rinsing it off will help wash them away. Of course, even with proper rinsing, over time, bacteria will begin to linger and multiply on your toothbrush. It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every 3-6 months so that you have a clean tool to use when cleaning your teeth.

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is the last vital step in a good dental routine. While everything you do at home is important, having your teeth professionally cleaned and examined twice a year is essential. Dona W. Prince, DDS, would love to welcome you into our dental practice. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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