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Do I Need to Wear Retainers After Invisalign?

  • By Dona Prince
  • 30 September, 2016

It might seem pointless to wear a retainer after wearing a series of retainers for months.

Redundant as it might sound to need one, a retainer will help you maintain a beautiful smile.

Why Wear a Retainer

You worked so hard to get the full benefit of your Invisalign trays. Why let that effort go to waste? Just like with braces, your teeth will not stay in their new position all on their own. If you don’t keep them snug in place with a retainer, they’ll likely shift back to their old alignment.

Many Invisalign patients are former braces patients who didn’t wear their retainers. When their teeth started overlapping again, they decided to give Invisalign a try. If this is true of you and you don’t want to repeat the process again, then you’ll want to wear your retainer as directed.

Post-Invisalign Retainers

Your retainer will look similar to the straightening trays you wore. The biggest difference is that you’ll only need to wear them at night as opposed to an average of 20 hours per day.

It’s essential to clean your retainer the way you cleaned your Invisalign trays. A daily soak or scrub with soap and water will help minimize stain and bacterial debris.

Visit Dona W. Prince, DDS for your regular checkups. Dr. Prince will make sure that your teeth are maintaining their straight alignment and that your retainer is still holding up. You may need to have a new retainer made about once a year.

Would you like to learn more about getting the most out of your Invisalign treatment? Call our office to schedule a consultation.

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