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Pregnancy and Gingivitis

  • By Dona Prince
  • 30 August, 2017

You’ve just discovered that you are pregnant. Congratulations! Finding out that you are expecting a baby is such an exciting time! A woman’s body goes through so many changes during the nine months of pregnancy that it is sometimes hard to monitor all of them. One area you may not have anticipated being affected is your oral health. As hormones surge throughout pregnancy, blood flow increases, which leads to swollen and bleeding gums. This is known as “pregnancy gingivitis” and it is a common concern among pregnant women.

Without proper care, “pregnancy gingivitis” can turn into serious periodontitis. When gums become irritated, they are far more susceptible to infection. As your blood makes hundreds of trips through your body each day, an infection inside the mouth can easily make its way to other locations, such as the uterus.

The bacteria travel along releasing toxins that do damage to the gums, teeth and bones of the mouth. Disease-causing bacteria from plaque can enter the blood stream through irritated gums and make their way to the uterus and even cross the placenta. Though it is rare, some cases of periodontitis can result in premature birth, preeclampsia or babies with low birthweight. It is imperative to make an extra effort to care for your teeth and gums during this time. Some measures that have proven to be effective are:

  • Having a dental checkup about midway through your pregnancy;
  • Brushing after every meal and especially after morning sickness that results in vomiting;
  • Making sure to get plenty of Vitamins B12 and C;
  • Limiting or eliminating sugary foods;
  • Flossing, flossing, flossing; and
  • Gargling nightly with warm lemon or salt water.

If you have gingivitis during pregnancy, you are not alone. It is estimated that nearly half of all pregnant women experience this temporary complication. Not to worry too much though! The sensitivity and swelling will improve on its own once you have delivered your baby.

Throughout your pregnancy and beyond, your oral health is crucial. At Dona W. Prince Esthetic Dentistry, we provide gentle, safe dental care for expecting mothers. Call for your appointment today.

Posted on behalf of Dona W. Prince, DDS
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