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Signs You May Have A Cracked Tooth

  • By Dona Prince
  • 31 December, 2016

Certain dental emergencies are quite obvious, for instance a knocked-out tooth is obvious. However, although it may seem strange, some dental emergencies can be overlooked. A cracked tooth is a dental emergency, yet many people are often unaware of the issue until something goes majorly wrong, or until it is pointed out to them during a routine dental visit. Knowing what the signs of a cracked tooth are can help avoid severe outcomes.

A cracked tooth is considered to be a dental emergency for two reasons:

  1. There is often severe pain associated with a cracked tooth, but not always.
  2. A cracked tooth leaves the tooth, and surrounding teeth, vulnerable to infection, decay, and even death.

A crack in a tooth can allow bacteria and other debris from the mouth to enter into the inner layers of a tooth. Inside every tooth is its lifeline – a direct blood supply and its own nerves. If bacteria enter this part of the tooth, a dangerous infection can occur. Not only can the infection damage or kill the specific tooth involved, but the infection can easily affect neighboring teeth and gum tissues, making the situation very dire to your oral health.

Pain is often associated with a cracked back tooth. When chewing, a great amount of pressure is put on the back teeth. If you experience pain when biting down, yet the pain is relieved once you open your teeth, there is a good chance that your molar is cracked. Pressure on the back tooth causes the crack to open and expose the sensitive tooth roots.

However, pain is not always associated with a cracked tooth, especially if one of the front teeth are cracked. Signs that you have cracked a front tooth include the change of appearance of a single tooth. If you notice discoloration of a single tooth, a visible line in a tooth, a chip in a tooth, and/or transparency within a tooth, then it is time to make a dental appointment for evaluation. Many times, a cracked tooth can be treated successfully and rather simply when it is caught early on.

If you are concerned that you have a cracked tooth, or you are experiencing any type of dental pain, please contact the practice of Dona. W. Prince, DDS right away. We are committed to your oral health and comfort.

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