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A Toothache Is A Major Pain

  • By Dona Prince
  • 15 December, 2017

The human body is a complex machine. With so many working parts, it is no surprise when one becomes sore, has aches and pains, or does not work properly. Not all body pains come as a result of age; many are due to injury, wear and tear, or neglect. One part of the body where people tend to ignore pain or discomfort is in the mouth. Most people assume that the discomfort is not a big deal or that the pain will go away on its own. However, this is generally not the case because a toothache is most often a symptom of a serious issue within your mouth.

Whenever you feel pain inside your mouth, whether mild or severe, it needs to be brought to your dentist’s attention sooner rather than later. All of the teeth within the mouth are individually living features. Each tooth has its own root system, blood line, and “life.” The teeth work together to support one another, support the jaw bone, and support the structure of your face. Therefore, even though each tooth is an individual feature, you depend upon a full set of teeth. When one tooth is damaged, becomes infected, or dies, your entire mouth is compromised. The loss of a single tooth can result in a decline in your oral health, the loss of many teeth, and the need for extensive dental work.

Many dental issues can be avoided by simply alerting your dentist to any pain or discomfort at its onset. Catching a small issue early, such as a piece of food trapped between the teeth and gum line, can limit your time and expense. However, ignoring a small issue and allowing it to fester into a big issue will result in a great deal of pain, inconvenience, and money being spent. Serious dental issues such as a cracked or damaged tooth, an abscess, or an infected tooth often cause severe agony. These issues indicate that your tooth is dying from the inside out, affecting the roots of your tooth, and causing you debilitating pain. These issues will not heal themselves, and the pain will only get worse.

Dona W. Prince understands the importance of dealing with any pain inside your mouth as soon as possible. Putting off treatment will never do you any good. If you have any type of toothache, pain, or discomfort inside your mouth, please do not try to tough it out. Contact our practice today for the next available appointment so that we can evaluate your condition and provide the proper treatment as soon as possible.

Posted on behalf of Dona W. Prince, DDS
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