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Sioux City Dental Implants Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Solution for Missing Teeth in Sioux City area

Did you know that we place and restore dental implants as a solution to missing teeth? Our office in Sioux City has the capability to replace your missing teeth from start to finish. Implants are the best solution to replacing a missing tooth. An implant is free standing and does not affect adjacent teeth. High tech planning for a high-quality outcome To begin the process, we discuss your goals and what you would like for an outcome. This includes smile design and oral health concerns, as well as scheduling considerations and more. With this information, coupled with diagnostic data, we … Continue reading

Raising the bar in Sioux City general dental services

Young lady smilling with showing her teeth

Our office excels at general dental services in Sioux City, IA. That’s what we’re all about. We provide preventive services, fillings, root canals, extractions, cleanings, same day crowns, implants, and dentures just to name a few of the general dental services we offer. Our team is highly trained, and we have the latest technologies to provide you with the best services. Laser dentistry We have a suite of lasers in our practice. They can cut through tooth, bone, or soft tissue like the gums. As a result, lasers may take the place of drills or scalpels in some procedures. The … Continue reading

Teeth Cleaning Sioux City IA – Ways to Improve your Overall Health

Teeth Cleaning in Sioux City IA area

So, you have an appointment at your Sioux City IA dental office local for a “teeth cleaning,” but your busy and nothing hurts, so you decide not to go. Of course, you plan to reschedule, but it seems like no big deal, and before long you forget all about it. What’s wrong with this picture? First of all, we don’t clean your teeth, you do. Hopefully every day with a toothbrush (and floss). Secondly, when you skip dental visits, you are missing out on many important benefits. When you come in for your hygiene appointment, we do more than clean … Continue reading

Sioux City dentist explains – what is the main cause of tooth cavities and how to prevent cavities

Tooth Cavities Cause in Sioux City IA area

Sharing knowledge is always good and I am looking forward to giving you information that will help you improve your oral health and your overall health. In my Sioux City dental practice, I prioritize patient education. Here, I hope to share valuable tips and information with all my patients, current and future. One of the most important pieces of information that you need is how to prevent tooth cavities. Of course, in order to prevent them, you need to know what causes tooth cavities. The only good cavity is the one you never get As we all know, prevention is … Continue reading