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Dr. Prince is a family dentist that practices cosmetic dentistry and offers comprehensive dental services. We always take care of your dental needs with the highest level of quality care!
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Dental Services

We know that our patients are expecting a certain level of education and technology when they come into our practice. That much can (and should be) expected out of any dental professional offering dental services. We are different because we take our practice to a higher standard. The quality and service that we offer to our patients is truly unparalleled in our field.

The attention to detail and the focus on the overall picture of your dental health is not something that every dentist will incorporate into their work. We are a full-service dental practice, and because of that, our work is all about creating and maintaining optimal dental health and paying attention to detail.

Some of our services include:

The kind of dental health we want to help you achieve is within your grasp. We want to combine our dental service efforts with yours to help you have the kind of dental health that will change your life, and a smile that you will be proud of. If you have any questions about our Sioux City dental practice, our services or about how we can help you improve your dental health, please feel free to give us a call 712-274-2228.

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