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Dr. Dona W. Prince, DDS provides exceptional dentistry services to patients of all ages. It is the goal of every dentist for all patients to retain their natural teeth throughout their lifetimes, however there are circumstances that often prevent this from happening. There are often times when dental extractions are necessary in order to protect the integrity of the entire mouth. Overcrowding is a common cause of extractions in children, trauma and severe decay is the most common cause for adult extractions. Dr. Dona W. Prince, DDS offers gentle tooth extractions when it is determined that removing a tooth is a more beneficial option than allowing it to remain in the mouth. Dr. Prince’s entire staff provides the greatest care for tooth extractions and will take the time to educate you on your options for tooth replacement.

There are times when children and young adult’s teeth fail to erupt inside the mouth. These are considered to be “impacted teeth,” and they require extraction in order to prevent issues with the permanent teeth. Overcrowding of young teeth and impacted wisdom teeth are the most common causes of dental extraction in young people. Dona W. Prince, DDS provides gentle and effective tooth extractions for our young patients.

Adult teeth are meant to remain in the mouth for a permanent duration, however there are certain times when extraction becomes necessary for the health of the mouth. When damage to a tooth or decay has occurred and the tooth cannot be saved, extracting the tooth is in the best interest of the entire mouth. Infection, disease, and decay can quickly and easily spread to the neighboring teeth causing a whole host of other, continuing problems. While a mouth full of permanent teeth is the desire of every dentist and person, Dr. Prince has the knowledge and experience to restore the health of your mouth and offer solutions for replacing a tooth that has been extracted.

Contact Dona W. Prince, DDS in Sioux City today to schedule an appointment to determine if dental extraction is your best solution. Our dental practice looks forward to serving you and helping to restore the health of your mouth.

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