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Sioux City Parents Have Access To Tongue & Lip Tie Release For Baby

Dental Treatment For Baby

A small band of tissue, called the lingual frenulum, moors the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Ankyloglossia, or tongue tie, occurs when this fold of mucous membrane limits motion of the tongue. Lip tie involves a similar band of tissue tethering the upper lip to gums. Tongue and lip tie may be asymptomatic, causing no problems in infancy. However, they can result in speech impediment later.

Proper mouth mobility is necessary for baby to find a good seal for nursing. Symptoms of problematic tongue or lip tie include:

  • Prolonged breast-feedings.
  • Breaking suction during feeding (making a clicking sound).
  • Fussiness.
  • Colic or gas.
  • Slow weight gain.
  • Unable to use a bottle or pacifier.
  • Mother’s nipple trauma (pain, bruising, or chapping from baby’s attempts to achieve a good feeding seal).
  • Plugged milk ducts.
  • Mastitis.

If you think your baby might be tongue-tied, lean your face over baby’s and stick your tongue out. He or she will likely try to imitate your actions. If baby cannot fully extend the tongue, or the tip looks heart-shaped, he or she can probably benefit from tongue tie release.

The procedure

If tongue or lip tie is causing problems, Dr. Prince can perform a simple laser surgical correction.

Traditionally, the procedure involved cutting the frenulum, allowing an improved range of motion. Dr. Prince uses contemporary laser instruments to release the tie quickly and with little pain. This is handled at the dental office. Laser surgery is precise and complete, with minimal trauma to adjacent tissues. Normally, anesthesia is not required (though the child may cry a bit from being restrained for a few seconds), and there is little or no bleeding. No stitches are needed.

Dr. Prince helps your child get a healthy start in life, with tongue & lip tie release. Call the Sioux City office at (712) 274 2228 to schedule.